Delivering success against all the odds

We have a range of clients who are willing buyers and sellers of distressed companies and assets.


FIN | LAW has been involved in recovery, repossession and realisation of Mega Yachts, Private Jets and other boys toys around the world, whereas other offshore law firms simply do not know where to start on this process. In doing this we can assist with funding to keep the assets afloat in the crew committed until disposal.


FIN | LAW has even realised value from a water bottling plant in Ukraine at a time when Russia were closing in on the borders. We sold it to them at higher multiples of EBITDA than the Company had been able to achieve in the preceding 15 years! How did we do this , we understood the geopolitical dynamics and the limited number of buyers who would be able to extract value. We succeed where the run of the mill is not able to deliver.


We are a leading boutique, entrepreneurial and independent law firm based in the British Virgin Islands (BVI). Our BVI legal practitioners have over 100 years of combined expertise in BVI law and legal matters. We understand all aspects of BVI law and provide a blend of commercial and legal solutions to provide the best outcomes for all parties.