Why we are the right trusted advisors for you

We distinguish ourselves by having more expertise and experience in BVI law than other firms, due to age and the fact we have been around longer. 

We are made up of English lawyers, trust and corporate service professionals, insolvency practitioners and bankers, who have run and managed our own operations in each of these business sectors over the last 35 years.

FIN | LAW is licensed by the British Virgin Islands Department of Trade and Consumer Affairs, Licence No. PP3-113.

How we deliver real value

You come to FIN | LAW for the expertise and the benefits of 100 years of experience in applying and working with BVI law. This expertise is not restricted or difficult to access. You will have direct access to all this expertise, at your fingertips. You not only gain the best outcomes but the process is also fast, efficient and very transparent. You benefit in both value and cost.

The alternative is to work with lawyers who have moved to BVI for short-term contracts after having completed 2-3 years working in the UK or elsewhere.

When you need a specialist, we are here for you

We only practise BVI law, it is our chosen specialism as Eastern Caribbean law experts.

We have grown up with BVI law and understand intimately the way in which the BVI legal and regulatory framework can be used to help clients achieve financial goals and objectives and to find commercially and legally sound solutions.

  • We provide advice to make our clients and families wealthier.

  • We combine law and insolvency to offer distressed directorships and restructuring solutions which distinguishes us from all other law firms.

  • We provide trust and corporate services through our affiliated Licensed Class 1 Trust Company.

How you benefit from our approach

We are able to provide our services in a cost competitive manner and will look at solutions where we as a law firm can take some of the risk and be compensated based on the success we deliver.

We provide legal and corporate services and directorships when other firms will not or are unwilling to do so. How and Why? Because we are not risk averse as we use our longevity and expertise to manage that risk and to reduce risk. There are no delays in getting decisions from a risk committee at FIN|LAW. 

Our approach often results in preserving and realising value for clients who are facing financial, regulatory or contentious distress with JV partners or arising out of shareholder disputes.

We will also never quote law with our clients, we prefer to use the law to enable our clients to grow their business rather than to stop doing business.


We are one of the very few law firms to be Headquartered in the BVI.

Arawak Chambers
Mandar House, 3rd Floor
P.O. Box 2196, Johnson’s Ghut
Tortola VG1110
British Virgin Islands


We are a leading boutique, entrepreneurial and independent law firm based in the British Virgin Islands (BVI). Our BVI legal practitioners have over 100 years of combined expertise in BVI law and legal matters. We understand all aspects of BVI law and provide a blend of commercial and legal solutions to provide the best outcomes for all parties.