Boutique, Entrepreneurial and Independent

We are a leading boutique, entrepreneurial and independent law firm based in the British Virgin Islands (BVI).

Our BVI legal practitioners have over 100 years of combined expertise in BVI law, corporate, trust, insolvency and fund services. We combine legal, insolvency and trust practitioners. Our understand and experience of all aspects of BVI law and regulations enables us to deliver the best legal solution available to our clients, their families and businesses.

As senior lawyers, our combined expertise and experience in BVI law practices, laws, regulations and insolvency enable us to take on directorships and legal matters that are challenging, complex and / or distressed.

We deliver our services with a pragmatic approach risk assessment and offer competitive and creative fee arrangements. By adopting this approach we deliver innovative and commercially sustainable legal solutions which other BVI legal practitioners have been unable to provide.

About Us

Making BVI Law work for you

“We don’t apply the law. We make the law work for you. We have a unique approach that only small, highly experienced boutique firms like us can adopt. The result is you receive the commercial outcomes you are looking for.”

Hands-on management of BVI Companies

Our corporate lawyers have the depth and diversity of knowledge to advise on every issue that arises over the lifecycle of a BVI Company. From incorporation to dissolution, as lawyers and dIrectors, we are able to provide legal corporate, fiduciary and compliance services in good times and in bad times.

Our hands-on approach enable us to deliver where the larger, corporate firms cannot.

Our BVI Legal Practitioners have been partners in larger international onshore and offshore law firms. Our BVI law firm comprises BVI Legal Practitioners, who are admitted to practice and have practised in numerous other jurisdictions, making them experienced international lawyers, attorneys and solicitors with a very rich in-depth knowledge and experience to call upon to support the BVI law offering.

Local Knowledge

As each of our practitioners reside in the BVI or have spent a considerable time living and working in BVI they each have an intimate understanding of the way in which BVI legal and regulatory framework can be applied and can work for your benefit.

Expert Lawyers

We have the ability to take on riskier and more challenging cases as we have the experience and knowhow to deliver highly successful commercial and legal solutions.

Client Focus

Our approach blends commercial needs with legal requirements to deliver the best outcomes for our clients. Our clients comprise global corporations, financial institutions, investment funds and their managers, as well as successful business HNWIs, their businesses, their families, family offices and trust companies.

Our Creative and Innovative BVI Legal Services

For our customers, our BVI lawyers deliver outstanding commercial solutions though the provision of the following highly personalised BVI legal services and BVI legal advice at a time when the client needs it.

















Our commitment to you

As BVI senior lawyers we are very knowledgeable, pragmatic and are able to deliver all forms of BVI legal services and BVI legal advice. We achieve this by combining legal and commercial acumen & expertise, in a way that the larger companies are just not able to match


As the leading boutique, entrepreneurial and independent law firm based in the British Virgin Islands (BVI). Our BVI legal practitioners have over 100 years of combined expertise in BVI law.

We understand all aspects of BVI law and provide a blend of commercial and legal solutions to deliver the best outcomes for our clients and their stakeholders.